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Health & Safety is everything in modern workplaces, and making sure that you and your employees are knowledgeable about proper health and safety practises is a must.

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Barrow Training & Consultancy offers a range of health and safety courses, including online training courses to companies and individuals to boost your knowledge and implementation of health and safety in the workplace and beyond.

Our workshops QQI Accredited courses are suitable for those in the health and safety industry and also for individuals who are both generally interested and/or attempting to change careers and begin a job in the health & safety industry.

We provide courses ranging from health and safety introductions, first aid courses and manual handling courses to more complex infection control, cleaning skills, workplace safety, and people handling courses. Whether you’re a health and safety pro or simply curious about the industry, why not get in contact with us now?

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Health & Safety Courses FAQ

What kind of Health & Safety courses does Barrow Training and Consultancy do?

Barrow Training and Consultancy offers a range of health & safety courses and workshops including QQI level 5 and 6 courses on first aid, manual handling, people handling, workplace safety, laundry skills, health and safety introduction, infection control, and more.

Do I need a Health & Safety qualification to get a job?

Many industries, such as food, hospitality, and construction, will require employees to hold a health & safety qualification such as HACCP, manual handling or food safety. Barrow Training and Consultancy offers comprehensive health and safety courses covering all of these topics.

What price are Barrow Training and Consultancy's Health & Safety courses?

The price of Barrow Training and Consultancy’s Health and Safety Courses vary depending on the qualification level and length of time of the course. Get in touch with us now to discuss the pricing of all health & safety courses.

What is nebuliser training?

A nebuliser is a medical device used to administer medication directly to the airways. Nebuliser training is often included in online healthcare courses and is a vital skill for healthcare workers and first aiders. Barrow Training & Consultancy offers nebuliser training as part of their on-site and online healthcare and health & safety courses.